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Watch Dog Signs - For Home and Elsewhere

Thanks for visiting our kennel! Feel free to sniff and track around our kennel shop pages to find a dog sign resembling a special canine family member. These signs make great gifts.

Our kennel has more than 100 different dog signs showing images from popular dog breed listings (such as in the American Kennel Club). If you are unable to find your dog, please contact us with the breed name of your dog. We’ll contact you when we add that breed to our Kennel.

Each dog is unique in looks and personality! If the image on our standard sign is not similar to your dog (for mixed breed dog owners or any other reason) you may request a special custom sign. Click here for information.

These dog signs (a great alternative to the typical “Beware of Dog” signs) are a great choice for raffles, gifts for people you know, and more.

Order a Custom Dog Sign Now!

Don't Say Beware... Display I Watch Here

Custom Dog Signs
  • Submit images taken from a 7 megapixels or greater camera
  • Take the photo on a contrasting background
  • The background should be simple and uniform