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I WATCH HERE signs offer a responsible and deserving alternative to “Beware of Dog” and dog warning signs. Our dog watchfulness signs express feelings of pride, security and even some humor, but most importantly they notify all visitors that the canine family member simply keeps watch of the premises.

We at “I Watch Here” agree with dog owners, enthusiasts, and the public at large that all dogs possess an inborn trait to “watch”, and this trait alone does not make them dangerous. Legislation to ban ownership of select breeds of dogs is the result of a lack of information and understanding of this special intrinsic quality shared by all dog breeds.

We wish to inspire and encourage all dog owners to demonstrate responsible stewardship, and to display I WATCH HERE; it will assure them answerability in recognizing and presenting that very special quality of their canine family member.

Let me tell you a few things of special interest about our unique dog signs

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Don't Say Beware... Display I Watch Here

Custom Dog Signs
  • Submit images taken from a 7 megapixels or greater camera
  • Take the photo on a contrasting background
  • The background should be simple and uniform